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1960 Coyote Ct, Lot 1960,Bremen, OH

Food Handling:


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My husband is also retired and works 2 days a week. I would like to work 2 days . Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. This is what I worked at the orchard part time 9-6 . I can work 8 hour shifts .

Most Recent Job

Hugus Fruit Farm

Nancy Hugus

Sep 6, 2022

Dec 10, 2022


I worked in the store ringing out customers purchases. Restocked produce when needed. Priced and labeled merchandise. Ran the cash register I filled jugs with cider. Cleaned store. Whatever was needed I helped with.

Reason for Leaving

I am retired and this was a seasonal part time job. They closed the orchard for the season 12/11/21.

Previous Job

PNC Bank

Derek Herbruck

Apr 14, 1988

Mar 30, 2019


I was a credit card Underwriter. I reviewed credit card applications for approval or decline for credit. This required phone calls with customers daily to obtain information needed. I also took incoming calls from customers who requested a credit limit increase. I would update credit applications and approve or decline the limit increase. The last 7 years at the bank I worked in the credit Card Fraud Department. This required viewing credit applications to determine it it was a fraudulent application. This also required contact with other creditors and other banking departments. Worked with tellers and loan officers at the branches to determine fraud. Daily work required contact with customers by phone. Computer work , data entry.

Reason for Leaving

I retired after 31 years.

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