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1960 Coyote Ct, Bremen, 43107

Food Handling:


Drug Test:





I am retired so only looking for 2 days a week. I would need to work Tuesdays and Wednesday's

Most Recent Job

Hugus Fruit Farm

Nancy Hugus

Sep 6, 2022

Dec 10, 2022


I worked in the sales trim. Waiting on customers and I was the cashier. I also restocked items as needed, such as crates of apples. I did other things that were needed throughout the day. Cleaning, filling cider jugs. Labeling prices onto food items for sale.

Reason for Leaving

It was a Seasonal job only they closed mid December. It was also just a part-time job two days a week.

Previous Job

PNC Bank

Derek Hurbreck

Apr 14, 1988

Mar 30, 2019


I was a Credit card underwriter. I reviewed credit card applications from customers looked at their credit report determine if they would be approved for a card or not and what amount. This involves speaking to customers on the phone on a daily basis in order to obtain their information I needed to process their credit application. Reviewed credit reports to verify information and make decision if we approved or declined them. Also if approved the credit line given. Took calls daily from customers and other banking departments. The last 6 years I went to Credit Card Fraud Department. Here I reviewed credit applications to make a decision if it was a fraud application or if it was a application from a customer. My job was to locate the real customer if we felt that the credit card application was fraud. I informed the real customer of credit card fraud being taken out in their name. This was done by reviewing credit card applications making phone calls to other institutions for information such as checking and savings accounts with other banks. This required also being on the phone with the customer and the fraud person for additional information.

Reason for Leaving

I retired after 31 years with the bank.

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